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New York Magazine

Developing Editor // October 2018
A pop-up blog under the new Intelligencer. Editor of 60-story feature package about global technology.

Home Smart Home Editor // March-August 2018
A pop-up blog under Select All, New York’s technology site. Editor of 100-story feature package about smart homes, artificial intelligence, and the future of living in an increasingly connected world.

The Atlantic

Life Timeline Editorial Lead // February 2017
Interactive project showing how the world has changed during your lifetime. Worked for almost a year with freelancers, editors, designers, and developers to create and shape the database that powers the timeline. Here is a write-up of the project and interview with my editor on the project. Winner of the 2017 MPA Imagination Award.

Inside Jobs Assistant Art Director // November 2016
An oral history of the American workforce. Worked with visuals editor to commission and art direct 103 illustrations by Rebecca Clarke. Contributed to design process for final interactive dashboard.

The Obama Era Editor // December 2016
A retrospective on the Obama presidency tied to Ta-Nehisi Coates’s January 2017 cover story for The Atlantic, featuring interviews with Barack Obama and essays from public intellectuals.


EquiTable (formerly Equipay) Grand Prize Winner, Comedy Hack Day 10 // January 2016
Bill splitting app to split the bill fairly. No really, fairly. Uses Bureau of Labor Statistics data to compensate for historic inequality. “Reparations, one meal at a time.” Featured in the Washington Post, The Atlantic, NPR, Quartz, Huffington Post, Mic, New York Magazine, TIME, and Complex News, among others. Real full app launched March 2016.

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