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I’m Graham Starr, a journalist and website based in New York City, currently senior editor at Business Insider, where I oversee technology coverage. (To reach me securely, use my PGP public key when you send me an email; here is a guide to setting up PGP.)

I’ve written about business and technology for The New York Times, Wired, The Atlantic, New York Magazine, and Slate, and my projects have been featured in the Washington Post, Fortune, NPR, and HuffPost, among others. In 2017, I was part of the team that won an ASME Award for work on an interactive timeline. Breitbart once wrote about one of my projects and put my name in scare-quotes for the entire thing. It was weird!

Before Business Insider, I was a senior staff editor at The New York Times, working mostly on breaking news, business news, and feature packages. I was also a founding editor of “Happening Now,” an experiment in visual news that’s now part of the Times’ homepage. Before The Times, I was a special projects editor at New York Magazine, where I edited pop-up blogs and feature packages for Select All, the magazine’s tech site. I previously worked for WIRED and The Atlantic.

Before journalism, I was a teenager and, earlier, a baby.

I occasionally work with NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, where I lead workshops on media, art, and technology.

More of my résumé can be seen by looking at my résumé.

Here is my email and Twitter.

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