Art & Design

Content on this page is incomplete — sorry about that! I probably have designed/illustrated something similar to the thing you want to see, and you can reach out at any time if you want to see specific work and/or hire me.

Art Direction

“Inside Jobs,” a project of The Atlantic

What American Workers Have to Say About Their Jobs

Rebecca Clarke / David Somerville / The Atlantic

Worked with visuals editor Emily Epstein to commission and direct 103 illustrations by Rebecca Clarke. Contributed to design process for final interactive dashboard.

The Zamboni

The Giving BMW

The Giving BMW written by Paul Templeton, appearing in The Zamboni Vol. XXV, No. 1: "The Outdated Issue". Illustrated with Craig Drennan.

Story Design

Phantom in PhoenixDow Jones News Fund
When “The Phantom of the Opera” travels around the world, what travels with it? A look into the show’s culture, crew, history, and commerce.


The Christian Science Monitor

CSM Mobile Feature RedesignWebsite Feature Redesign Mobile Lead

Tasked with incorporating several new features from desktop site — including infinite scroll, recommended articles, and “save for later” features — while maintaining aesthetic appeal and brand identity. Goal was to prioritize keeping readers on the site, and highlighting the stories recommended by Editors.

Major implementations: Menu shows recommended articles, as well as articles in the reader’s queue, and only shows navigation “below the fold”. Two-thirds through an article, readers will see a slide-up notification of what’s next on their reading list, and have the ability to remove an item from the queue using one of the x’s or by sliding the item to the left. Removing an item automatically populates the list with another recommended story, and creates a passive commitment to reading using predictive and assumptive design.

Redesign initially planned for end-of-year 2015 but postponed due to organization restructuring.